Mob Mentality

an epic party game

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 Looking for an amazing new game? 

Guess what?  

You've found it!  

For anyone who has never played Mob Mentality it is an epic party game that will get everyone talking! 

You will laugh and enjoy every moment!

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Object of the game  

You want to understand and think like the group you're playing with. 

Questions are asked to the party group and the answers will either be what the majority decides or the actual census of the group. Answer correctly to score points and win.  Our game is made for kick ass adults who like to party and rule the mob! 

For Mob Rules and Mob Blank cards: You do not necessarily answer a question with what you think the answer is but what you think the majority of the group will answer. You want to have a mob mentality. If you guess an answer that is in the majority, you score points.

Mob Census cards: You want to guess the total number of people in the group who have done what the card asks. You want to guess the correct mob census.

Can you rule the Mob?